About Us

ColourBurst believes in reaching people face to face. Genuine customer service from genuine people. Not faceless online ordering

Naturally, being a printing company, you’d expect us to print things. And we do. Lots of things. But we like to think that printing is more than just ink on paper. It is a process of skills and precision creating a physical representation of our clients’ thoughts, ideas and inspirations.

Take our staff for example (not literally!). We pride ourselves on attracting only the most experienced and erudite staff around. Each member of our team is a paramount part of the equation which results in a service, for you, that is second to none.

With an eye for quality and detail that borders on the neurotic you can rest assured that every stage of your job will be checked and double checked before it goes out of our doors.

And what jobs can we print? Now there’s a question we’ve spent hours trying to answer! We could list everything that we print and what we print it with like most other printers. But seriously, what’s the point?

If it’s printable and sometimes, even if you think it might not be, we will print it for you!

Since our humble beginnings in 1999, we have proven ourselves repeatedly and built a solid reputation that extends throughout the U.K. ColourBurst believes in reaching people face to face to help guide them through the entire process of planning, design and production. Genuine customer service from genuine people is what we believe in. Not faceless online ordering. We believe that your print job is not just a commodity. It  is a very special job for you and that makes it important for us.

We are passionate about the jobs we produce. Our strength lies in our encyclopedic knowledge of print, countless years of experience and an unwavering desire to produce quality work on time and in budget.

What’s more, we will print it on time and with no camouflaged costs. In fact, we will be the first to point out a cheaper way of printing a job if a cheaper solution is available. But only if we can guarantee the same quality that you expect.

In short, if you want something printed, no matter what it is, no matter what you want it printed on and no matter when you want it for, here, at ColourBurst, we will do everything feasible to make sure you get it and at a price that will put a grin on your bank managers’ face.