It might be all about digital marketing these days, but print is still king when it comes to producing the kind of breathtaking marketing designs that makes your audience stand up and pay attention to what you have to say.

Computers have not yet replaced the ritual of actually holding something very tactile in your hands and exploring it with all of your senses. Until such a time when that experience can be reproduced digitally, there will still be plenty of opportunities to make an impact using your printed marketing materials.
And, if you’re looking for print with impact… innovative ideas… or an image with a style all its own… you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s Direct Mail, Product or Company ID, Point of Sale, Flyers, Packaging or indeed anything printed, we can get your point across and make it memorable.
We deliver exceptional design, communication and marketing solutions to satisfied clients in organisations and businesses both large and small. Our expertise extends across anything printed, and our work produces results that inspire, influence and inform.
With razor sharp talent and a rabid appetite for success, ColourBurst Lithographic Limited is guaranteed to inject some exceptionally creative design into your next project. Our design team brings over 25 years of diverse industry experience to each project. In the past our team have worked for several of the countries leading advertising agencies and design firms as staff designers, art directors or creative consultants. Our organisational skills and orientation to detail are hallmark qualities.
But, if you have your own creative talent and want to supply finished artwork instead, it’s not a problem.
But remember we are always here to give advise about how your job will need to be set up and the best way to supply the artwork. You can also rest assured that everything will be checked and any complication will be highlighted before your job goes to press.